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  • Boy Puppy Sleeping
    Angie holds a hand full of sleeping male pup.
  • Puppies Done
    Sage proudly shows off her pups; four females, five males. All but one male are well marked; one male is all white, but his eyes are already shaded with grey. Sage is a working livestock guardian dog here at White Dog Ranch, but she adapts very quickly to living in the house while her puppies are tiny. She and they will go out to the barn when the pups are about four weeks old.
  • Puppy Pile
    Fed, cleaned and contented, all nine pups sleep.
  • Sage Holdme
    Between pups, Sage rests her head in Angie's lap.
  • Sage Lastgirl
    Sage wasn't through cleaning her last (the 4th) girl before Angie picked her up for a picture.
  • Sage Rubmytummy
    Between contractions, Sage - her belly shaved for ease of nursing - asks for a tummy rub.
  • 1st Girl01
    All the marked pups have symmetrical markings. This is the first female. We just photographed the females on the first night, because Debi wanted a record of "her" pup, whichever one it was going to be..
  • 2nd Girl01
    The second female has only head markings.
  • 3rd Girl01
    The third girl has a single "thumb print" on her back.
  • 1wkAngieMeltedPup
    After weighing, the pup "melts" into Angie's arms and goes back to sleep.
  • 1wkBummer
    Every litter of LGD pups needs its own bummer lamb. One of the ewes cooperated by giving birth to, then abandoning, this one. The lamb is in the house for his own protection. He seems unable to regulate his body temperature and can't handle the cold, wet weather outside.
  • 1wkFeedBummer
    Feeding time comes every four hours, round the clock.
  • 1wkHolly
    Holly, the largest bitch weighs 2-1/2 lbs. She is very vocal. The most vocal bitch in a litter is usually the dominent one.
  • 1wkIceMan
    Ice Man is the smallest male. He is also very calm, relaxing when held.
  • 1wkMalePup
    "Brownie" is the most heavily marked male pup.
  • 1wkProudMamas
    Sage, her pups fed and sleeping, tries to cuddle in Angie's lap. Even fierce livestock guardian dogs need love too.
  • 1wkPup
    Their nails were getting sharp enough to scratch Sage, so everyone got their first nail trimming today.
  • 1wkSteveIceMan
    Steve seems to asking "Is this one mine?"
  • 1wkTruckin1
    Pups are getting around the whelping box very well. The floor of the box is covered with a low-loft fleece, giving good traction.
  • 1wkTruckin2
    This picture was taken about twenty seconds after the last one. Note the distance traveled by the pup in the rear. He needs a nap after all that exercise!
  • 1wkTwins
    These two boys have identical mirror markings, right down to the little white tip on the ear - the left on Maverick, the right on Goose. This is the end of Week 1.
  • 2wkBrownie
    Brownie is considerably larger than last week. He is still a placid pup.
  • 2wkEyesOpen
    This female tries to focus on the light.
  • 2wkFutureShowDog
    Do we have a future show dog?
  • 2wkIceMan XMan
    Ice Man and X-Man
  • 2wkMavarickEscaping
    Maverick finds the low side of the box and tries to join mamma on the outside.
  • 2wkMavrkGoose
    Maverick and Goose
  • 2wkMovingPups
    Although ears aren't open yet, their eyes are and are sensitive to light; they turn in the direction of the camera flash.
  • 2wkPearlHolly
    Pearl and Holly
  • 2wkPearlOnFloor
    Earlier, Pearl did make it out; note the hardwood floor at the arrow.
  • 2wksBrown
    Here he sprawls full length in the whelping box.
  • 2wkTippieFawn
    Tippie and Fawn
  • 2wkTummyRub
    Nah - she'd really prefer a tummy rub. This is the end of Week 2.
  • 3wkBrownie
    Brownie is still a placid pup.
  • 3wkIceMan XMan
    Ice Man and X-Man are much more active. Ice Man likes to be cuddled, but hates to be held on his back; X-Man objects to just being held.
  • 3wkMavrkGoose
    Maverick and Goose are very mellow pups, relaxing when held.
  • 3wkMeltedPuppy
    ... or Brownie melted into Angie's hands. Notice the relaxed position of the front legs.
  • 3wkPearlBarking
    Pearl, in particular, often sits and listens to herself barking. A vocal bitch is usually a dominent bitch
  • 3wkPearlFawn
    Fawn and Pearl are very active pups
  • 3wkPerfectRelaxation
    Some of the pups really know how to relax - Fawn with her head on the whelping bar...
  • 3wksPups
    Pups' eyes and ears are fully open and functioning. They are beginning to interact with each other.
  • 3wksPupsMouthFight
    They are still very oral at this age, so their first "play" is what we call "mouth fighting". They try to suck on each other's muzzles.Note Brownie in the rear, and Ice Man upside down under the front pile.
  • 3wkTippieHolly
    Tippie and Holly. Holly particularly struggles to get down; she's another one that doesn't like to be held, so gets extra attention.
  • 5wk Barnpen
    Two 10' cyclone fence panels attach to the 5' x 10' puppy pen to give additional room for pups to play.
  • 5wk ArmfulOfPups
    Debi and Karen cuddle armsful of pups
  • 5wk Brownie
    Angie holds Brownie, the largest male
  • 5wk BrownieRoll
    Angie rolls Brownie over, and the other pups come to pile on.
  • 5wk Chewshoes
    Shoes make a wonderful chew toy
  • 5wk FawnPearl
    Fawn and Pearl; Pearl is the largest bitch
  • 5wk IceManXMan
    Ice Man and X-Man
  • 5wk Lunch02
    Although their food is still softened, a bowl of dry puppy kibble is available, and the pups nibble that throughout the day. Mamma's feed is in a bucket above their head level.
  • 5wk MavGoose
    Maverick and Goose
  • 5wk MavRoll
    Debi gently rolly Maverick on his back and rubs his tummy. This gets the pups used to being put in a submissive position.
  • 5wk Puppy02
    They drink from the bowl easily, but haven't discovered yet how to play in the water! Good thing - it's too cold outside for wet puppies.
  • 5wk SageAttention
    Sage lies down to get attention and pups take advantage of the milk bar.
  • 5wk TippieHolly
    Tippie and Holly
  • 5wks Belly Up
    Belly up to the milk bar!
  • 6wkGooseMavrk1
    Goose and Maverick - they are so heavy that this is the last week Angie will be able to carry two at a time.
  • 6wksBeg
    Pup licks mom's face - in the wild, and some domestic dogs, this is a signal for her to regurgitate her food for them. Sage isn't too hot on the idea; she figures they have enough food in their pans.
  • 6wksBrownie
    Still the biggest male. Brownie is a relaxed, kissy pup; nothing bothers him.
  • 6wksHollyTippie
    Holly and Tippie - what's to say, except they are getting big!
  • 6wksNurse
    All the pups can't fit under Sage at one time now - but they still try.
  • 6wksPearlFawn
    Pearl and Fawn - Pearl is still the biggest bitch. They have outgrown the scale, so we don't know their actual weights. Angie says "Heavy!"
  • 6wksSage
    Sage comes out of the pen to investigate what we are doing with the pups; not concerned, just wants her share of the loving.
  • 7wk Biggroup
    Pups in the barnyard.
  • 7wk Brown
    Brownie relaxes and watches.
  • 7wk Brown And Xman
    Brownie and Xman enjoy the sun.
  • 7wk FawnMav
    Fawn and Mavrick try to talk an adult pyr into playing with them.
  • 7wk Goose
    Goose couldn't be bothered to sit…we had to get him on the run.
  • 7wk GroupwithShiner
    Group of pups with Shiner (adult male).
  • 7wk Holly
    The pups venture outside into the barnyard. Holly poses nicely for her picture.
  • 7wk IceMan
    Ice Man…on the move!
  • 7wk MeetBernard
    Meeting Bernard (adult male) through the fence.
  • 7wk Pack1
    They tend to travel in packs…
  • 7wk Pack2
    There they go again…
  • 8wks Mirror
    Evaluating puppies is a process that we go through to determine which dog would be best suited for which applicant. By using a mirror we get to see the whole puppy at distance and with better perspective.
  • 8wks Brown
    Brownie stands nicely for his evaluation as long as a snack is provided.
  • 8wks Fawn
    Fawn gets her "front" examined for proper angulations.
  • 8wks Goose
    Checking the "rear" on Goose.
  • 8wks Holly
    Holly stands nicely when it's her turn.
  • 8wks Tippie
    Tippie likes the look of the bait used to distract the puppies during the evaluation.
  • 8wks X-Man
    Xman decided he wanted the whole thing (thank you very much).
  • 8wks MyPuppyPearl
    After waiting 8 weeks for her puppy to grow up and go through the evaluation process Debi finally gets to know which puppy is hers to take home….it's PEARL soon be named Elura. You can continue to watch this puppy grow up by visiting her website.
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